Donna Crain Accessories

All this week I will be showcasing a series of new Donna Crain accessories and how each piece could be potentially worn by brides, or even bridesmaids! Donna is one of my most favourite people – she is so lovely and talented. And her accessories are just exquisite, beautifully designed and intricately hand-made. Donna’s accessories are available in my studio to view and play with placing in your own hair.

If purchasing any accessories from Donna don’t forget to quote Frances Moore MUA!

Traditional alice band from Donna, turned upside down and placed across the back of the head x

Frances Moore MUA LOVES Kelly Spence Accessories

I am very excited to announce that Frances Moore MUA is now officially recommending Kelly Spence to all my bridal clients.  I completely LOVE all of Kelly’s accessories, and always like to work with her designs as they have the ability to really finish a style and make it come to life.  My favourites have to be her hairpins in Starlight and Starburst, along with her Stella Comb which can be used in so many different ways.

Found Kelly through this website?  Then don’t forget to mention Frances Moore MUA when ordering your Kelly Spence accessorie x

VivienJ Bridal Accessories and me…

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by VivienJ, one of the UK’s leading bridal accessories company, to write a little feature for their blog which gives all kinds of helpful tips; not just on bridal hairpieces and accessories but also practical wedding advice.  VivienJ were going to publish a major piece on bridal/wedding makeup and wanted something that brides could quickly flick through and gain insider information on how to make their bridal look really stunning.  The result was 23 Makeup Artists, including myself, in a self help style blog feature – including celebrity Artists’ Gemma Aldous and Daniel Sandler, which is a huge honour to have my name anywhere near theirs’ and published!

To read the full article click here

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