Subtle Indian/Asian bridal, wedding guest makeup…

I love designing makeup for women with Indian, or Asian heritage as they know and love colour.  They seem to be born with this incredible insight into how different hues compliment and clash, but still ‘get it.’ Perhaps it’s all those exquisite fabrics and designs they are brought up with, or their colourful religious festivals.  So whenever I get the chance to work with these clients, my heart just skips a beat because I know I have the chance to break open my vibrant golds, pretty pinks and deep bronze/oranges that will work perfectly with their gorgeous skin colour.

Like any bridal makeup design the trend for Indian/Asian women is to have ‘their’ take on traditional wedding makeup brought into the 21st Century – more subtle and modern.  Completely flattering, but still keeping that sense of warmth.  Soft pink lips with added gloss is also a must x