Starting a makeup kit…

Much to my husband’s annoyance I have makeup products and brushes everywhere in the house!  In draws, bags and kits – all neatly arranged and labelled I might add – but yes, it’s a lot and everywhere!  I often get ‘oohs’ and ‘wow’s’ whenever I open my main kit as people look and see their favourite brands and products hidden in the depths, but it wasn’t always this big or had any particularly high end brand when I started out training to be a Makeup Artist.  When I was learning it was more about application and precision – then came the products.  And the same can be said if you want to start building your own makeup kit – start with the basics then build up.

You can start off getting good quality tools first, like brushes/curlers and tweezers.  I personally love Real Techniques brushes, which are perfect to start with as they can be bought in a collection and at a drugstore price.  I also use MAC eyelash curlers and have tweezers for everything by Tweezerman!  When you come to buy products for your kit start with the items you love to use, like eyeliner/mascara and foundation and don’t worry about the high end brands at this stage – just concentrate on developing the right techniques (you can always watch youtube for tutorials!)

When you do come to the premium brands, do your research or read reviews about a particular product – I always find these incredibly insightful and useful as you’ll want to spend your money wisely.  You can’t go wrong with products from MAC, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown or Chanel x