Sometimes it’s ok to break the rules…

I’m not really one for following strict rules, especially when it comes to makeup design!  But believe me when I say that it’s ok to break these conforms, as nothing bad will happen.  I’ve never been one of those wedding makeup artist’s to impose strict criteria onto their clients, such as you must have your makeup trial 6 weeks before the wedding or you must buy this product, or wear that shade – I think at the end of the day if you want a trial earlier or later then that is completely up to you.  A well stocked makeup artist will have a range of subtle colour differences, which they can then use if you have gone paler or tanned for your wedding day.  Also, most brides are on slightly different schedules or like to do things at their own pace which I think is commendable as why should you rush!

When it comes to advising a client to buy a particular product, I will only do this if they ask as I am not a sales person or work for any particular brand so what I advise is from experience (I have a personal hatred for Younique who are always trying to sell me their cheap crap!)

What I am trying to say is that it’s ok to break the rules – nothing bad will happen, and you need to follow your own path x