Sigma makeup brushes – a quality investment buy…

I’ve recently been really drawn to Sigma as a brand.  I love their individual eyeshadows, especially the colour Grasp – which is this gorgeous tone between apricot and pink that works really well just above the eye crease on an Indian/Asian complexions.  I’ve also been looking to expand my professional makeup brushes (I know, still don’t have quite enough…)  I have to say I am completely won over by my new Sigma eye brush kit and use them possibly more often than my MAC and Bobbi Brown sets at the moment!  They are really light weight and very precise, which is great for me as I like to work in detail on a small scale to get a flawless look.

I would highly recommend Sigma as a great overall brand for makeup and brushes – it’s great for teenagers or those new to makeup, as they have a vast selection of vibrant colours at good prices x