Sigma eyeshadow in Grasp…

For about a year now I’ve been trying to get my hands on Sigma’s eyeshadow in Grasp.  Being only available from their American website, I’ve been slowly building a list of other items to order – with shipping costs being what they are!  This eyeshadow is just everything.  The perfect peach, pink quality that just works so well with Indian/Asian bridal makeup and really makes the design come together.  I plan on using it just as a sweep across the crease of the eye.

I’ve been obsessed with this ever since watching Makeup Artist Sona Gasparian’s bridal makeup video, and loved the colour and look of the design.  I regularly watch other Makeup Artists’ work whether through Youtube, or by trawling Instagram or Twitter as I feel it’s so vital to keep ahead of trends, and to know what’s coming out on the market.  I also find it so relaxing watching other Makeup Artists’ work! x