School of Skin (2) Combination skin – what to do…

After dry skin the next common skin compliant is combination.  Where it is literally that – a combination of dry patches and oily sections that are usually located around the forehead, nose and chin areas (T-Zone)  This can be highly frustrating to deal with as a skin condition, as you may find yourself constantly battling between oil free products and highly concentrated moisturisers to fight either section of the face.

The main arsenal in your kit should be water when it comes to balancing out this difficult combination.  Water is an amazing beauty tool and is also the one thing we always snub our noses at, or completely overlook for no reason.  Drinking plenty of water each day can combat many of life’s stresses including stress itself!  Here are a few other products that may help x

1. Skin Republic Superfood Detox and Charcoal Mask

2. Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion