REPOST//How to stay calm on the morning of your wedding day

I know what you’re thinking… easier said than done!  Staying calm on the morning of your wedding can be a bit of a challenge – with co-ordinating family and friends, along with wedding suppliers popping in and out it can be difficult to take a few minutes for yourself.  But take those minutes you must!  Here are a few tips for keeping your cool and handling all those preparation tasks.

1.  Try and stick to your regular morning routine – whether that is having a shower, practising yoga, mediation or having a quick jog or swim.  By keeping to your regular daily routine you’ll feel more at ease and focused for the big day ahead.

2.  Light a relaxing candle, with a scent that means something to you.  Scent is a powerful tool, and can transport you to a calmer time – perhaps when you were sunbathing on that beach or when you met your beau.

3.  Have a good healthy breakfast – something like porridge or a smoothie is a good alternative to a cooked breakfast, which can make you feel a little too full.  Studies have repeatedly shown that having breakfast keeps you more alert, and makes you less likely to scoff high sugar snacks throughout the day.

4.  Make sure to have an ’emergency wedding kit’ prepared for the morning.  Good things to have in it are: Safety pins, headache & heartburn pills, mini sewing kit, tights, bobby pins, stain removal, women’s personal items, toothbrush & toothpaste and q-tips.

5.  Make yourself (and others) a schedule of the morning.  Note down when everyone is arriving – friends, family and when you’re expecting wedding suppliers to arrive and depart.  Make sure to have everyones contact details, and let them know when you are expecting them too.

If you do start to feel overly stressed, just remember this is your special day ;))