REPOST // The ever growing trend of Italian destination weddings…

There seems to be an ever growing trend of Brits travelling to Italy to get married this year, and who can blame them?  The now non-existent British summer has dampened many couples plans of wanting a grand marquee for their reception, or to simply get married in the open air.  Even those that have chosen to stay indoors for their wedding are somewhat put off going outside for photographs if it’s pouring it down in July!  So the appeal of having their wedding conducted in a beautiful church, with blazing sun and divine food is too tempting for some.

There are also so many well established companies in Italy that provide special planning and organisation for couples wanting to get married in one of it’s stunning villages or towns.  My personal favourite is Florence, not just because I got engaged there, but also for the relaxed feel – beautiful open air sculptures and buildings and it’s breathtaking gardens.

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