REPOST// How to get your hair wedding ready

Hairstylist Michelle Crosser and myself are constantly asked by our bridal clients how can they improve the condition of their hair, and how can they make it grow… FAST!  The answer is unfortunately patience and a good diet – you know the boring stuff 😉  Here are my top 4 tips to gorgeous wedding hair x

1. Try and introduce more essential fatty acid foods into your diet such as salmon, tuna, walnuts, flaxseed and avocado.  All these help to improve the condition and shine of your hair.

2. Don’t shampoo your hair everyday.  Instead try and do this every other day to allow the natural oils in your hair to return and make the hair less dry and brittle.

3. Make sure to have regular hair trims that are staged at the correct time your hair requires it.  You will need to have your last trim/highlighting/dying completed at least 5 days before your big day.

4. Try using a hair mask like those from Philip Kingsley.