Repost – Getting the most out of, or surviving a wedding fayre…

OK, so when I was planning my wedding almost 5 years ago I visited dozens of wedding fayres to get ‘ideas’, possibly too many!  I often felt that looking round a wedding fayre was a little intimidating – being watched by expectant suppliers, ready to take my email address, date of wedding etc over and over again!  Now I’ve been on the other side I know how much it means to suppliers to make sure couples have a choice, and make the right decision for their wedding.  So I have a few tips on ‘surviving’ a wedding fayre, and getting the most out of it..

1. Before going to visit just any old wedding fayre to get ‘ideas’ – try and see if there is a specific fayre at your chosen wedding venue.  Often there will be and the venue only allows specifically chosen suppliers that they know and trust.  This not only saves you time, but you also know that the supplier understands the venue which is essential for someone like a Wedding Photographer – meaning you don’t have to hunt around for suppliers that may travel, but not always to the venue.

This is also an opportunity to see the venue laid out as if a wedding were to take place, so you can estimate numbers/place settings, where the band is going to go…

2. Don’t feel pressured into giving out personal details.  One of my pet hates is wedding suppliers wanting to know your email address, date of wedding, the bride and groom names…your inside trouser leg measurements!!  Just kidding!  I try and be as relaxed as possible, if you like my work take a business card – if not, then that’s no biggie.  I’ve been in the wedding industry long enough to understand some people love your work, others don’t – that’s just life!

3. Take a reusable shopper bag with you!  If you like everything you see, and want to take cards/leaflets from suppliers that’s great – but you will need to put them somewhere, so make sure to take a strong shopper bag with you to hold on to them…or the groom!

4. Make sure to take a little loose change with you as you often have to pay to get into wedding fayres.  The usual rate is £1 – £5 per person, and children are often free.

5.  Go to wedding fayres with your partner, and not girlfriends/mum’s or other family members (apart from your own children!)  I often see a whole family unit walking around a wedding fayre, which is great but it’s too many people’s opinion – and I often see the bride ‘put off’ by certain things because someone else has told them it’s rubbish!  It’s not rubbish it’s YOUR wedding – not your best friends, not your mum’s or auntie’s second cousin once removed – it’s yours!!  It’s also your partners, so why not spend the time together discussing the day x