REPOST// Are false eyelashes right for you on your wedding day?

There are a lot of misconceptions about false eyelashes, and the name doesn’t help either.  Often these little beauties are referred to as fake/false or pretend eyelashes giving us an assumption that we will look fake or false wearing them too.  TV shows like ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid’ also don’t help with the image of false eyelashes, with many of its contestants adding two to three layers of splattered spider leg effect on their delicate eye lines.  But I for one like to champion this often misunderstood tool – as that is exactly what it is.  When matched and applied well, false eyelashes enhance and become as important as foundation is to a makeup look.  The key is research.  When looking for a pair to wear go for a light band, with feathering lashes if you are not used to wearing them.  Also practise applying them!

I often use false eyelashes with my clients, with brides especially loving the added effect this brings to their wedding makeup.  They also show up amazingly well in photographs and are great for all those ‘sighing’ in love looks to the camera like the one below of model Chloe, wear I used false eyelashes by Eylure in ‘Girls Night’.  See me also apply these eyelashes in the video below x