Real Techniques brushes – an investment buy…

I have been using Real Technique brushes since they were first launched in 2011, by renowned Make up Artist Samantha Chapman.  And I simply LOVE them!  They have an amazing bristle quality that lasts and lasts, no matter how many washes I put them through (and I very regularly subject them to extremely hot water for disinfecting purposes) I also find the balance of the brush suits my application technique well, and eyeshadow just glides on and off like a dream.  They are so easy to use and perfect for someone new to makeup like teenagers – as they don’t cost a fortune either!


Recently, Real Techniques have bought out a new line of brushes called Bold Metals and they are simply define.  I have been lucky enough to get hold of No. 200 oval shadow brush – these brushes differ as they now provide an even soften bristle and are weighted for optimal control and comfort.  They are currently the highest performing brush you can buy on the high street – and as such they have a bit of a waiting list for them!

But if you can get your hands on any of the Real Technique brushes, then you will truly have some amazing beauties in your collection x