Real ‘problem’ skin that is difficult to cover…

I have worked with a lot of clients with different types of skin, colour and ethnicity.  Rarely do I find a minor skin complaint difficult to cover or conceal such as rosacea, spots and scarring.  However, there are certain conditions which do not work kindly with makeup and are best left to heal and be exposed to the air, rather than filled with foundation.  So if your planning on doing your own bridal makeup, then here are a few conditions to avoid…

1. Newly sunburnt skin.
This is the worse skin complaint to cover, as it’s practically impossible to hide.  Sunburn is a visual sign that you have damaged your skin, and while the burn will cool and fade the long lasting effects have already taken place.  New sunburn is warm to the touch and therefore, difficult to cover as this warm effect literally melts any makeup that is used.  The best thing for sunburn is an aftersun lotion – which is not something you want to wear on your wedding day, so do try and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

2. A ‘weeping’ scab.
I’ve had two incidents where a newly ‘weeping’ scab needs concealing.  One was a poor little flower girl who tripped and bashed her chin on concrete the day before the wedding, and another was a bridesmaid who also tripped in her heels and fell on pavement bashing her chin and cheek.  These are difficult to apply anything to as the minute you add concealer the wound begins to ‘weep’ water and blood.  So while you can calm the surrounding area, you can’t cover an open wound.  So try and remain accident free (easier said than done!)

2a. A ‘weeping’ eye.
A ‘weeping’ wet eye is also difficult to apply makeup to, as it’s like applying it to a bowl of water – nothing will stay put.  If you suffer from weeping eyes, then try and come away from the window when applying makeup as the sun often sets of weeping eyes.

3. Spots that are severely raised from the skins surface.
This is quite a tricky one, as it’s easy to cover a spot – but a largely raised spot, normally on the bottom of the chin, is very hard to blend in as it’s raised.  It’s like covering a nose – it becomes a structure on the face.  This is something that’s very difficult to explain to brides as obviously they want a fantastic coverage for their wedding day.  But when a spot is large, it’s large.  There’s little Makeup Artists’ can do apart from allow the area to calm down.

4. Excessively dry skin, or skin that hasn’t been moisturised for some time.
Excessively dry, flaky skin is a bit of a nightmare for Makeup Artists.  Once you’ve applied a wet formula such as foundation the skin is finally getting a ‘drink’ so it starts to soak up the makeup and flake.  So once the flaking takes place we’ve already gone onto something else, so have to work twice as hard to combat the skin condition.  So make sure to really give your skin a good moisturiser boost, and keep this up until the wedding.

5. Very flaky, chapped, bitten lips.
I see this quite often with brides, especially bitten lips as the stress of the wedding creeps up.  I try and moisturise the lips as soon as I get into the bridal suite, so it has time to work.  However, adding a strong lipstick to chapped lips is not a good idea – as it really shows up the flaking and ends up being a bit of a mess.  The chapped section is made worse by the lipstick surrounding and almost ‘pooling’ in the gap!  Not a great look!  So do try and leave your lips alone as much as you can x