Q&A on bridal makeup – Will I look overdone & other common concerns…

The majority of my bridal clients hire me because they either don’t know what would suit their features best, or usually wear next to nothing when it comes to makeup.  They are also concerned that they won’t look like themselves, or have had a bad experience in the past which means they are doubly cautious – which is completely understandable.  So I thought I would address some of the most common questions I get asked by my brides, to hopefully ease your nerves.  Feel free to email me to ask anymore, and I will endeavour to get back to you straight away at enquiries@francesmooremua.co.uk

Q.  I want to try false eyelashes, but worried they will feel heavy/fall off, or I won’t be able to get them off?

A. I personally love false eyelashes, as they up the makeup just a notch and really make your eyes standout in those all important photographs.  I tend to use Eylure in 020 for those not use to false lashes, as they give natural volume and have a very thin band – making it feel very light.  I also use waterproof lash glue by Duo, giving you that added extra comfort in knowing they won’t go astray even if the tears begin.  Alternatively, I can also apply individual false eyelashes which are even lighter and create a natural lengthening effect.

As for getting them off, all you need is two cotton wool pads and a little warm water.  Leave the cotton pads on the eyes for a couple of minutes, then gently tease them down and off.  Avoid the temptation of pulling them off!

Q.  I don’t normally wear lipstick & think this will be too much for me – what would you recommend?

A.  A lot of brides get worried about lipstick & that it may stain glasses or you’ll just be left with a lipliner outer line.  There are alternatives such as gloss, or lip balms that are tinted such as Vaseline Rose – which works really well.  They are also great because they are inexpensive to buy, and therefore economical and easy to top up during the day.

Q.  Will I look like my myself, not dolled up too much?

A.  Absolutely!  At the makeup trial we will go through any imagery you have found that you like, and discuss the overriding colours schemes in your wedding.  Then together we will design you a look that you feel most comfortable with and that highlights your favourite/best features.  I also encourage you to tell me if something isn’t working for you and we can correct it together.