Pro’s and con’s of using a makeup counter for your wedding

I know a lot of brides consider using the services at a department store makeup counter on the morning of their wedding, to be a cheaper alternative to hiring a Professional Makeup Artist.  Which is completely understandable, especially if all you wear is one particular brand like M.A.C or Bobbi Brown and you love them to death and their products work for you each and every time.  So I thought I would just put together a few pro’s and con’s in case you are torn between someone in store or a freelance Artist.



* High quality products with Makeup Artist’s that have been specifically trained to use those items & formulas.

* Not having to pay the Makeup Artist & only buying products you want to keep.

* Can book in advance & have lessons beforehand if you wish


* If you want to get ready early in the morning (particularly if you have a large bridal party) you are limited to what time the department store opens – there are circumstances where they might open the counter early for you, but as you are not paying them there is no obligation for this.  Also take getting your hair styled into consideration.

* While they don’t expect you to buy all the products they use, there is a slight expectation you will buy a couple of items – which can equal to the amount of just hiring a freelance Makeup Artist.

* You are limited to the items in just that brand, so if you have any skin considerations outside the reams of their product ability the area will not be treated – whereas a freelance Artist will have products that span over a 100 brands or so, and will stock specific items especially for problem skin.