Product spotlight – Clinique Redness Solutions makeup SPF 15

Anyone who suffers from rosacea, acne or severe blushing knows how difficult it is to successfully cover this.  It seems as soon as you put on a product, either the oil from the skin or the heat from it destroys all your hard work.  But there is a product on the market that not only covers, but also strengthens the skin’s natural defence barrier.

I simply love all the Clinique Redness Solutions line, especially this little item, the Redness Solutions makeup camouflages the affected area, colour-correcting as it glides on.  I use this on my clients, just in the area they need it most like cheeks, nose and chin – as with this product a little goes a long way.  I also like to stick it in the fridge to keep it nice and fresh.  I find that doing this also helps calm down the blushing, working with me to cover and cool at the same time.

Tips for covering rosacea

* Avoid liquid foundations with a high alcohol content if you have rosacea & also anything too oily

* Always use products with an SPF, as the sun can trigger a lot of the redness

* Use yellow based foundation to even out skin tone and calm down the blush

* Try to avoid using your fingers to blend anything in, as this can aggravate the area

This product has to be a makeup wardrobe staple x