Product spotlight: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement

Today’s product in the spotlight is Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement – which I recently purchased on a recommendation from Amy Conway, who is part of the inner circle at Bobbi Brown headquarters in America.  It’s a long story how we met!!  I was telling Amy that I wanted something more than a moisturiser, to really give my skin a boost – especially in winter – and she advised giving this little gem a go.  With a very stern warning of “only use a little bit each time!”  And she was definitely right!

Intensive skin supplement is a gentle, fragrance free serum with a nice array of anti irritants and anti oxidants.  It’s a little more intense than your everyday moisturiser, and therefore works hard to really give the skin a boost and to bring back that natural radiance.  I always recommend it to brides to use on the run up to the wedding, as it’s simply stunning how it transforms the skin.  I usually use the smallest of amounts in the evening before bed, as I like it to work overnight as a personal preference – but you can use it morning and night as part of your routine.