Preparing your skin before the wedding day

It’s really important to care for your skin throughout the year, but it is particularly good for you to take the time and prepare your skin before the wedding day – it not only means that makeup application is much easier, but it also has more of a chance lasting throughout the day without the need for additional touch ups.  It will also make you feel confident and this really shines through on your all important photographs.  Below are my tips for greater skin health.


* Cleanse the skin daily with a cleanser that is suited to your skin type, for example oily or combination – Clinique is one of my favourites for finding the right products for your skin.

* Use a good facial scrub at least once every two weeks – not everyday!  This will wipe away dead skin and allow fresh new cells to come to the skin’s surface, taking away that dullness that can sometimes appear especially when we’re tired!

* If you have dry lips or skin, start applying a moisture rich solution like Elizabeth Arden 7hr cream – give yourself enough time to allow your skin to heal, and not just a week before the wedding!

* If your planning on a fake tan, either gradually build your tan to a nice natural glow or have a spray tan done at least two weeks before the day to correct any mistakes.