Pregnancy skincare, mum-to-be and beyond

Pregnancy is an emotional and physically demanding time.  I remember when giving birth my midwife said that your body will think that you’ve run a marathon, as the same sort of exertion is represented in the body – it felt like I had run 2 marathons!!  Pregnancy is also a time to get really focused on your health, and in turn the health of your developing baby.  A lot of emphasis is held on not what to put in your body food wise, but attention should also be on not what to put on your body in terms of skincare and makeup.  I’ve put together some tips of what worked for me and my lovely pregnant friends, to help you through this challenging period x

During Pregnancy

* Try to avoid wearing anti-ageing creams and formulas, as these contain a high level of vitamin A.  In fact avoid anything with Retinol in it.

* If you feel that you need stretch mark cream (oily skin types tend not to need this) then go with a suitable pregnancy authorised brand such as Bio-Oil, Sanctuary or Cussons

* Keep makeup really light and invest in some waterproof eyeliner & mascara, as you never know when those emotional mood swings kick in – mine was usually when I was watching an upsetting advert!

* Try to have a nice soak in the bath often, as this helps to relief the tension around the body as it has to carry more weight – it’s also a good time to check that baby is moving, as the water quite often simulates movement

After giving birth

* For a couple of weeks after giving birth I lived off of Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream for my dry face and lips – I cannot recommend this product enough

* Drink as much water/squash as you can, this will hydrate you after giving birth

* Try and stay off the hair dye until you have finished breast feeding