Popular wedding flowers & their meanings…

I’ve always been interested in Floriography (meaning of flowers) especially when it comes to weddings, as I’m so keen to see what couples have chosen for their big day.  Here are a few of the top rated wedding flowers and their meanings…

Anemone – Expectation

Baby’s Breath – Innocence

Carnation – Pink represents boldness, red symbolises love, and white indicates talent.

Chrysanthemum – Wealth, abundance, truth

Daffodil – Regard

Daisy – Share your feelings

Hydrangea – Understanding

Iris – A message of faith, wisdom

Lily – Majesty, truth, honor

Lily of the Valley – Happiness

Magnolia – Love of nature

Orchid – Love, beauty

Peony – Bashfulness, the American spirit of ambition and determination

Rose – Love, joy, beauty

Sunflower – Short-stemmed sunflowers mean adoration; long-stemmed sunflowers symbolize haughtiness

Sweet Pea – Pleasure

Tulip – Love, passion

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