Popular flowers to add to your wedding bouquet…

Top 9 inspirational wedding flowers

Coming from a gardening background, and with my own garden becoming a bit of an obsessive hobby, I’m always excited to see what couples have chosen for their wedding flowers.  Seeing the colour theme come through from the large sculptural hydrangea to the delicate gypsophila.  Here I have complied a list of some of the most popular flowers I have spotted in wedding bouquets and arrangements – just to give you some inspiration!


A romantic flower that always has love connotations.  This is a bit of a wedding flower staple , as it comes in such an array of colours and can easily be paired with different flowers.  They work very well by themselves or in a large centrepiece, as the stems are sturdier than most they can even be used in boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements.


Not a shrinking violet by any means!  Hydrangeas are large with heavy stems and work best in centrepieces (you wouldn’t want to carry them in a bouquet!)  Available in several shades and prized for their texture and volume – work wonderfully also in glass jars for a rustic look.  Also good for allergy sufferers, as they don’t tend to cause problems.


A tropical looking flower, perfect for destination weddings.  So beautiful can delicate, these flowers have come to symbolise charm and beauty.  These delicate flowers are available in several varieties, in shades of green, white, and purple.  Mostly used in weddings using a traditional or modern theme, orchids can be gorgeous in full arrangements or minimalist-style single stems.


Peonies symbolise happiness, and are perhaps the most relevant flower for a wedding.  With soft, fluffy petals their size helps to fill out a bouquet or centrepiece.  Peonies are also the perfect choice for a pale palette wedding as they come in an array of pastel shades.  They also smell delicious!


Perfect for a modern wedding, these flowers make quite a statement with their dark center and softly coloured petals.  They also work well paired with other flowers such as peonies and ranunculus.


People either love or hate carnations, but you can’t deny they are value for money!  They come in such an array of colours and are particularly sturdy, making them perfect for floral decorations around the wedding venue.  Carnations have a ruffled texture, which adds a nice texture to vintage wedding centrepieces alongside roses.


The simple daisy is a beautiful, traditional wedding flower.  Nothing quite beats the homespun charm of daisies, especially for rustic and vintage affairs.  Associated with themes of innocence and purity, it has been an extremely popular choice for bridal bouquets for centuries.


Sometimes confused with roses and peonies, ranunculus is a gorgeous, romantic flower perfect for wedding arrangements.  They are not as common as carnations or roses, so make sure you check into whether or not they will be readily available at your local florist (they are typically “in season” from late spring to mid-summer).

Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila

This has to be one of my all time favourite flowers and I have these growing all over my garden, as I love to pick them for my house arrangements and to simply walk pass and get that gorgeous new born baby smell!  These delicate flowers are gaining such a cult following, with the last couple of years seeing a real up take on them being used by themselves, and not just as a ‘filler’ in bouquets.