Planning a wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exciting and joyful time, knowing that soon you will become married to the person you adore.  It’s also a chance to be creative and get to see stunning venues and meet awesome people!  But for many couples setting out on their wedding planning journey it’s knowing where to start.  So I have put some tips together from what I have learnt from my own wedding, and the many that I have been involved with over the years – hope they help your blissful (hopefully stress free journey!) x

Choosing a venue

* Keep an open mind when searching into a wedding venue.  Don’t just feel because you live locally to a certain venue, and that it would be easier for relatives & friends to travel to, that you have to go for it – especially if it doesn’t float your boat!

* Don’t feel that you have to spend a lot of money, some of the best weddings I have worked on have been held in someone’s back garden where everyone bought their own drinks along & the happy couple cooked an enormous ‘posh’ BBQ!

* If you have a small/medium amount of guests attending try and source a nice cosy feeling venue, rather than a large stately affair (unless you specifically want one!) you will save money on space you won’t be filling and your guests will get more attention by staff.

IMG_2601 IMG_2593

Sourcing suppliers

* Make wedding blogs your best friend for the wedding planning process.  They are packed with stunning ideas, suppliers, real brides and their stories.

Things to consider

* Plan out your timings for the whole day – plan everything, even the smallest most tedious things, like what time you are going to wake up and have breakfast to then allow suppliers to come in like the hairstylist and of course the Makeup Artist!

* Put aside a little Champagne in the morning to have while your getting ready.

* Make sure you put time aside during the day to talk to all your wedding guests – it’s a simple thing but people really appreciate this.