On trend this season…freckles

A HUGE trend this season is…freckles.  Whether natural or faux, having freckles this Autumn season is big news – with leading chains like TopShop jumping ahead (again) and producing freckle pencils (yes, really!)  Gaining freckles has never been easier.  And with celebrities like Kylie Jenner endorsing this new craze, the trend seems to picking up a pace.  It’s thought that the ‘freckle face’ came about as a sort of anti-contour campaign, with the young-looking flecks offsetting a more heavy contour look.  While you can easily apply freckles using an eyeliner or brown pen, there are companies like Freck Yourself an L.A based company that’s created a 72 piece stencil kit for natural looking flecks!  I’m personally loving this new trend, as quite often I’m asked to cover freckles on clients – but they should be embraced and celebrated not hidden.  To do so is such a shame, and can make the complexion looking unnaturally hazy and heavy.  We always seem to look down upon our looks and not see the natural beauty behind it x