No, I am not a beautician! Mini rant…

My husband was talking to a guy in the pub the other day about what I do for a living (as you do) he said I worked as a Makeup Artist primarily for weddings, editorial that sort of thing – to which the fella replied ‘Oh yeah there’s loads of beauticians out there!’  My husband quickly corrected him and said ‘No,no, no, no mate she IS actually a Makeup Artist, not a manicurist/masseuse or someone who puts botox in wrinkles!’

This is something I get all the time, and it drives me a little crazy!  Not in a mean way, but just that there is a very distinct difference and level of training.  I trained for around 2 and half years and have qualifications from London and Glasgow makeup schools – I’ve also been classically trained in theatrical, TV and Film and have quite a bit of experience with different skin types, texture and ethnicity.  I’ve also received training from MAC and Bobbi Brown professionals.  Makeup application is something which a beautician will only study for a couple of weeks to a month max, as they cover a whole range of other beauty treatments including waxing/massage etc…I also get slightly nervous when a bride tells me that she is getting her makeup done in the spa – as depending on the spa and how busy it get’s, the spa ladies might not have had a lot of experience with extending the wear of the makeup.  Also they tend to use makeup products that come with their usual massage supplies, rather than buy premium branded products – so you might not get the right coverage, or end look for your wedding day.

Don’t get me wrong I love beauticians, and wouldn’t be without my monthly facial from the Senspa ladies – but believe me there is a difference between the two professions…OK, mini rant over…xx