New business cards & flyers…developing my own style

It’s always difficult setting out on a new business idea.  You have such a vivid image in your mind that if you defer from it you feel that your not being true to yourself.  So when I started out on this adventure I was so determined to have everything just ‘perfect’, that I didn’t take on a lot of people’s advice – now thankfully, I always keep an open mind and listen to everyone!  And as a result both myself and the business have developed into a sense of individual style.

The first changes where to my website, making the whole experience feel more crisp and professional yet retaining a sense of my vintage style.  Now this has been reflected in my new business cards and flyers heralding more of the same.  As you can tell I am so proud of these, and I can’t wait to share them with all the lovely couples at various wedding showcases this year in Hampshire.

IMG_3917IMG_3919  IMG_3916IMG_3915