My top tips for growing beautiful nails for your wedding

For a nail biter it can be very difficult giving up this habit anytime of the year, but especially so when planning a wedding.  Any sort of decision can see someone gnawing down their nails to nothing, without even realising!  As a ‘recovered’ nail biter I know how the habit can get out of hand (no pun intended!) and have included some top tips for growing those nails into something you’ll be proud of on your wedding day.


* Firstly, get those nails treated to a professional mini manicure to improve the cuticles and shape the nails.  This will ensure you start off with a good base.

* Regularly paint your nails.  You may feel that there is nothing left to paint on but this will encourage you to stay off, as the thought of getting nail polish chips all over your mouth (especially at work) will keep temptation at bay.

* Use a special nail biter polish.  It’s clear in colour when you apply, but try tasting those nails and you’ll get a nasty shock!

* Try using a nail growth system, like those from Ciate – they have a slight pinky sheen and are packed with vital vitamins for your nails.

* Get someone to take a picture of your nails facing you with your engagement ring on – examine the photograph and see how your nails look.  If you think they look less than par, then this should give you another push to kick the habit!