My personal work ethic…

I have always been hard working and driven.  I think to achieve anything you want in this life it is vitally important to have a passion in what you are doing and to have a vision of what you want to achieve.  But I also think it is paramount to respect the people you work with and your clients.  I remember when I started out as a makeup artist assisting on jobs my work was terrible, but because I was kind and honest I kept getting asked to return – so being just a nice, kind and trustworthy person goes a long way.

I have quite a strong work ethic, as simply, I feel my clients deserve this from me – especially on one of the most important day’s of their life.  I know little things annoy me greatly like being late, having a disorganised kit and people who are not discrete.  So I am consciously always striving to not be any of those.

A makeup artist friend once said to me that an mua needs to be more than just an artist, they need to be a sounding board for their client and to be confident enough to give that person a boost to face whatever they need to do.  And I completely agree.