My own experience of dental tooth whitening…

Last year I decided I wanted to try dental tooth whitening after seeing and speaking to lots of brides who had had the treatments for their wedding.  I definitely knew that I wanted to only have the treatment under supervision by my own dentist, so that any sensitivity would be monitored professionally.  I’ve always taken great care of my teeth even when I was young, so for me it was just really a chance to clean up stains that are caused through daily living like copious amounts of tea and coffee drinking!  And it was also a bit of a pamper & preen session!

Dr Hanna of Hampshire Dentists, checked my teeth were in good condition and gave them a really good clean before setting in a mould paste to create a unique retainer for the whitening gel.  I was then given 6 syringes of SDI Polanight tooth whitening system, which I was advised to use the smallest amount for both my top & bottom teeth.  And to allow from 2hrs to overnight for the whitening bleach to work.  I have to say I found the retainers the strangest thing in my mouth and wasn’t too bothered about the gel – no sensitivity whatsoever.

6 months on my teeth are still lovely and clean, but not so white that it looks false.  Very pleasantly surprised! x