My makeup style…

I have been a makeup artist for 6 years now – and I have practically seen everything there is to see and be asked everything there is to be asked when it comes to bridal makeup.  It seems obvious but all of my clients will hire me based on example imagery of my work, either via this website or through my social media pages.  They know my style.  They know how I work and why.  Clients know that I will interpret their ideas & thoughts, and translate that into the best design that I think will suit their features and styling.

The flip side of that is when I get a client who knows my style, but wants me to completely veer off into a realm that I don’t think will suit that individual, and is not in-keeping with my personal approach.  I often wonder why they contact me in the first place, as nothing I have in my portfolio reflects their ideal bridal makeup design!

So before contacting me to book in for your wedding day, take a moment to really see my work and read these statements… x

Do book me if…

– You’re ready to take my lead when it comes to makeup design.  Not everyone will suit a smokey eye, even if you love it on Pinterest models.

– You’re happy to embrace your natural features (cute freckles and all!)

– You’re ok wearing more products than usual, and upping your day-to-day look.

– You’re ready to be a bride and wear ‘bridal makeup’…

Don’t book me if…

– You want deeply drawn in eyebrows that do not mimic the natural brow line.

– You want a ‘Kim Kardashian’ facial contour.  Even Kim doesn’t do a full contour anymore!

– You want to look completely different, and try something new on your wedding day.

– You want all your lovely freckles covered… this is my pet hate!

Image Charlotte Wise Photography