Menopause makeup tips for a natural day look

The menopause can be a very difficult stage in a woman’s life.  There are many symptoms that are not covered by the text books such as suddenly having dry sore eyes, the loss of eyelashes and finding you have a 5 o’clock shadow – all of which can have a detrimental effect on a woman’s self esteem.  As there doesn’t seem to be a lot written about this somewhat ‘taboo’ issue, I thought I would put together some makeup application tips x

* Try to keep everything as light as possible – this applies to the method of applying (thin layers) and the type of products.  I personally like to use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation for the base on my clients

* Use a primer on the eyes, I find the best to be Urban Decay anti-ageing primer potion.  Keep the eyes simple with using an eye tint, like those from Becca – just enough colour to create interest, but not too overpowering or heavy.  Lightly line the eyes with a soft brown waterproof eyeliner – I get mine from Rimmel

* Pop on a touch of waterproof mascara, even if you don’t feel you have enough lashes – this will instantly up your look and open up the eyes

* Use a moisture rich lipstick, which can easily be applied throughout the day