Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire Bride magazine and me…

I was contacted by Heidi Watson of Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire Bride magazine earlier this year as she wanted to feature some of my work and general makeup tips in their 2016 edition of the new publication.  I was thrilled to be asked and to also write for them as I love providing advice for wedding magazines, which is what I was primarily doing all through this year.  The result?  A beautiful feature of my model Chloe with my unique makeup design which I feel has such a timeless look to it that I truly believe any bride can wear too.  There’s also snippets of my advice dotted in the magazine, so look closely to find me!

The magazine is now on sale literally everywhere!  I remember walking down my high street and in every food shop, newsagent and corner store was the magazine staring back at me (spooky!)