Man u el fitness…editorial male beauty

Last year I got the chance to do something a little different.  Male beauty.  I was asked by personal trainer James Seilo to help him with a styled shoot he was doing with a German fitness company, where he desperately needed some updated profile images to go with his new look website.  Thrilled to be stepping out of my comfort zone I immediately said yes.  What resulted where these crisp images of what is already a very attractive man, surely a great example of fitness for his clients.  I just felt a little guilty eating a chocolate biscuit while shooting!

Not a lot is talked about with regards to male beauty.  But it’s something that if it was taken away, or not considered when arranging a shoot you’d soon realise there was a difference.  Simple things like evening skin tone, filling in the eyebrows and just lightly coating the eyelids to mask redness can achieve that fresh look quite a lot of men would like, but wouldn’t know where to start.