Makeup book reads from 2015 & 2016…

If you look on my bookshelves at home you will see a bit of a trend emerging…makeup books/bibles/tutorials and even historical makeup books.  I like to shake it up though, and currently love reading a mix between social media starlights and well established professional makeup artists – to get a very broad knowledge of what is ‘trending’ right now, and what is well known basics in the industry.  My current faves are Tanya Burr Love, Tanya / Michelle Phan Make Up / Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and Lisa Eldridge Face Paint.

Like many people who watch makeup tutorials on Youtube, there are times when I’m totally addicted to watching one particular self taught artist.  Tanya Burr and Michelle Phan are my weaknesses at the moment – loving Tanya’s basic videos on everyday looks balanced with Michelle’s eccentricities and bizarre, but still thrilling tutorials.  Seeing herself transform from a Zombie Barbie to Cleopatra to a Geisha!  She seems to have endless talent.

I have to balance all this madness though, and often turn to Bobbi Brown when a need a bit of a pick me up or just want to reconfirm my learning skills.  I am also loving Lisa Eldridge’s new book Face Paint – a very in depth study into the history of makeup/products and marketing.  The first of it’s kind that is not boring, or unstimulating.  I remember getting a horrible, very 90’s, historical makeup book when I was training and it was completely out of date in terms of products and design, so this is a breath of fresh air x