Looking after your makeup brushes…

They help make our eyes look sexy & smoky, add a touch of blush to our cheeks and make our skin flawless – but makeup brushes can often be neglected and forgotten at the bottom of our bags.  Overflowing with our products and can be a little filthy.  Just the thought of regularly cleaning these little beauties can be the last thing we want to do on a Friday night!  But just spending 5 mins on a good deep clean can mean that your makeup is applied more evenly with no horrible bacteria lingering on them, and your makeup products will actually go on for longer saving you a few pennies!

How to clean your makeup brushes

* Invest in a special makeup cleaning glove, like those from Sigma.  They come in left and right handed, and make cleaning your brushes easier as you apply brush shampoo on the palm and work this into the brush.

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* Try to wash your brushes under hot to boiling water under a free flowing tap, rather than letting them sit in a jug with water – as this can destroy the bristles.  Use the hot water to kill bacteria, but just be careful of your fingers and remember to be safe around boiling water.

* Use any type of shampoo to clean the brushes, I personally use Bed Head Tigi in Straightening as I find this helps keeps the bristle hairs in place.

* After washing let them sit on a clean towel, or even better over the edge of a table to help the bristles find their natural position.

Remember to regularly clean your brushes aiming to do it once a week x