Looking after your makeup and tools

We all do it!  We buy a gorgeous new foundation or lipstick and then stuff it in a mucky old makeup bag, or in a dirty old draw and then invariable forget that its there until it goes off – wasting both our precious money and making a bit of a mess!  So with saving money (especially if your getting married) in mind, it’s a good idea to care for our products to make them last for longer, give us great results and also stay bacteria free.  So I have put together some tips for products, brushes and tools so that hopefully all your makeup bags will be spotless!

* I have a spray bottle with half sterilised water/half surgical spirit, which I use to keep all my products clean – it’s an idea to have one of these bottle’s on hand to keep everything clean!

Makeup Products

* With your surgical spray bottle from an arms length lightly spray eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation tops, blusher etc and gently wipe clean and dry with a piece of kitchen roll.

* Only use products that are within their use by date – this is normally displayed in months on the bottom of the product.

* Do not share your makeup between family and friend’s, and if your getting a friend to do your wedding makeup – ask them to clean the products before or offer to buy new items (especially mascara and lipstick)


* Wash your brushes once a week with any shampoo and boiling water, to kill any germs.  Leave them to dry on a clean towel.

* Keep brushes and makeup separate – use a clear plastic bag to store brushes.



* Regularly wipe clean pencil sharpeners and eyelash curlers with a piece of kitchen roll and your surgical spray bottle.

* Empty your makeup bag, turn it inside out and put in the washing machine at 60 degrees to sterilise and clean (especially if the foundation has exploded everywhere!)