Looking after children’s skin…

If you have children, or nieces or nephews you will know how easily children’s skin is affected by seemingly harmless environmental changes.  A slight breeze in the air – cracked lips that take forever to heal.  A little sunny – quickly sunburnt skin.  So it’s vitally important to look after our beautiful cherubs delicate skin, as guaranteed they will thank you when their older (usually in their twenties!)

And it’s really easy to do…just apply a kid friendly suncream when it’s sunny, usually factor 30 upwards, and pop a hat on their head to protect their scalp from burning too.  I usually apply my daughter Elspeth’s suncream on before she goes outside, or to nursery – I also make sure she has plenty of water to drink as this also helps the skin and keeps her focused.  When the weather changes and it gets a bit breezy or cold, you tend to find that children’s skin can get a little patchy, and lips start to crack (often coupled with a nasty cold or flu virus!)  The best tool to use is Sudocream, a must in any mummy’s bag, and a little Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which I often smother my daughter in!

Also try and not discourage their curiosity in your makeup bag, as this often doesn’t help when you then need to apply something on their skin.  I often let my daughter look at my products (not from the pro kit I might add!)  And show her how I apply my makeup – then when it comes to putting on suncream, or lip slave we pretend it’s her makeup as children always love to copy mummy.  Just something I’ve learnt along the way! x