Local cake designers that will blow your mind…

I love being a wedding supplier and get to meet so many talented people.  One of my favourite supplier categories is cake maker/designer…maybe not for my waist line though!  Whenever I do a wedding fayre or showcase I always have to stop and having a little chat with the ‘cake ladies’, purely for the fact that I am always amazed at their delicate,beautiful work that makes my homemade victoria sponge look like road kill.  But I’m ok with that, so long as I get a taste test at the end of the showcase!  I’ve listed some of my absolute faves that I have had the privilege of seeing their work first hand.

Jill The Cakemaker / Karens Clever Cakes / MurrayMe Hand Painted Cakes / Kelly’s CakeAway / Chalming Cake Designs

Art Deco Cake by Jill The Cakemaker

008-Art Deco-150316-6958