Lip service – how to get your lips in tip top condition for the big day

Dry cracked lips are not very attractive at the best of times, and you definitely don’t want chapped peeling lips on your wedding day!  You want that bridal lipstick shade to glide across the lips and not fall into any gaps, or just rudimentarily cover the poor condition your lips have got into.  If you’re one that suffers particularly badly from dry, flaky chapped lips – then start to begin the resurrection of your kisser as soon as possible and follow these easy steps to lip kissing heaven.

1. First begin with regularly exfoliating the lips once a week with a natural scrub.  This will immediately get rid of any flakes and help to smooth and soften the texture of the lips, which is key to opening the skin up for the next stage, moisturising.  Exfoliating also has the added advantage of encouraging blood to the surface which in turn then speeds up the healing process along the lips.

My favourite product: Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

2. Don’t be tempted to pick, chew or gnaw at your lips.  It’s a really easy habit to fall into when bored and frustrated at the condition of the skin.  But believe me you’ll just do more damage and have to spend even longer on waiting for the skin to heal.  This is when a visual aid helps; just imagine you on your wedding day with beautiful makeup and smooth, kissable lips in a gorgeous lip shade.  Now imagine the same thing but with dry chapped lips… I know which one I would prefer!

3. When it comes to my skincare I always go by my mum’s saying ‘if in doubt, moisturise’ and I have yet to be let down by this advice.  Do not underestimate the power moisturising has, even if you have oily skin.  It’s important to regularly use a lip balm throughout the colder months of the year, and if you really suffer from dry lips to keep up this regularity throughout spring and summer also.

My favourite product: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

4. Hand in hand with moisturising is drinking plenty of water.  I know, I know it’s what everyone says when mentioning good health!  You may roll your eyes but drinking water, tea or even squash all helps to hydrate the body and therefore the skin and lips.  If you fancy a change and want to shake things up a bit then why not try one of the new ‘health kick drinks’ now available.  A favourite of mine is birch water.

Image ikonworks