Kim’s classic bridal makeup revisited…

Having just received these gorgeous, warm images from Hampshire Wedding Photography DM Photography of Kim’s wedding back in May 2016, I thought it was a good idea to revisit her classic bridal makeup design – as this look is such a favourite with my clients, and one which I always get asked to re-create.  Kim, like many brides, wanted something natural that looked fab when meeting her guests – yet shone through beautifully on camera.  This balance is always tricky.  Especially if you’re not used to wearing a great deal of makeup day-to-day.  You have to take the makeup to a certain ‘sweet spot’ where the makeup is readable on camera, yet not too much for the bride to feel ‘overdone’.  A balance which I pride myself on achieving.  If the client isn’t happy, then I’m not happy.  So I work hard to design something that has every angle covered.

The ‘classic’ bridal makeup design I have in my portfolio is my little secret weapon!  I tend not to tell anyone specifically what I’ve used, nor the amount – that way no one else can re-create your bridal makeup, and it tends to remain more of a bespoke design that way.  Allowing me to tweak and amend the design to each individual person who wants that ‘classic’ look.  Of course, there are many brides who do not want this design and so therefore, I have a bit more creative freedom.  But overall the quality is the same x

Photography by DM Photography UK

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