Jo Hicks Flowers…a wedding florist like no other

I have known Jo for about three years now and I am always surprised at what beautiful creations she has made.  Inspiring me all the time to want to grow this rose, or that peony in my garden just so I can piece together that bit of perfection for myself.  She’s so talented and boy does she know her stuff!  Not just what is trending right now on the wedding flower circuit, but also what’s install for the following year – always keeping her finger on the pulse…which believe me, is a real talent.

Jo is also incredibly nice and you always just want to talk to her forever.  She works hard to understand exactly what you want from your wedding flowers, and puts into words what you can’t express or what you don’t know.  She is also amazing at making suggestions you might not have thought of like beautiful candles, or tiny flower jars attached to chairs down the aisle (my personal favourite)

Jo is just an immensely talented lady, and what’s more she is a champion of local wedding suppliers – the best of all of us x

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Flowers by Jo Hicks Flowers Photography by Lemontree Photography