It’s all about communication

Being a makeup artist in the wedding industry is not all about the makeup.  Sounds strange but it’s true.  A large amount of my time is taken up with dealing with enquiries, invoicing, blogging, advertising, organising photoshoots and shouting to the world what I do on a daily basis.  So I thoroughly believe communication is key to my job.

I always try to put myself in my clients shoes and to reply to them in a good amount of time – who doesn’t want to know if a wedding supplier is free or not for their wedding instantly?  I also welcome feedback from my clients on how easy the booking process was, or how much they liked the makeup trial/wedding day makeup.  All these little things help to make me not just a better makeup artist but also (I think) a better business woman.

Next year I am going to be working on a new price structure to introduce hair into the mix.  Giving my clients more options when it comes to booking a fuller package.

So watch this space! x