“I wear very little to no makeup, but still want my makeup done for my wedding…” common questions from brides

As a Makeup Artist I get a lot of questions about how to apply particular products, what brands I can recommend for specific skin types and often I get asked (by nervous brides) if they can still hire me even though they wear little to no makeup!  My first instinct is to give them a reassuring hug, as of course I would be more than willing to do their bridal makeup and be involved in their special day!!  And you’d be surprised how many people ask me this same question, nervously admitting their lack of knowledge or interest in makeup – and it’s completely understandable.  We all lead busy life’s and for some, spending 30 mins just putting on makeup in the morning is just not an option.  I, myself am guilting of going to the shops and to appointments without makeup no as I simply don’t have time.  That is why it’s so nice to have the opportunity on the morning of wedding to be a little pampered – where you can just sit back and have your hair styled and your makeup applied without even getting up!  It’s also nice to have the stress taken out of worrying about how to apply certain products.

So to all those makeup novices, please do not worry about contacting me or wanting to book my services – I’m here for your wedding day x