How wedding makeup differs from everyday…

I’m often asked by clients what makes wedding makeup so different from their everyday routine, and the simple answer is that wedding makeup has to do several things at once – making it as complex as theatrical makeup or even TV/Film makeup.  Your bridal makeup will be seen by all your guests in different lights and will forever be preserved through your photographs.  But not just that, it needs to work in all these events – to not be too harsh or strong when talking to friends and family to be a ‘bad’ distraction, and yet it has to showcase the natural features of the face to be apparent in photographs – in other words work for real life and be ‘photo ready’.

A lot of people don’t consider wedding makeup to be needed or even that difficult to achieve, and that is something I try and dispel the myth from.  Wedding makeup in my view, is a skill in itself much like prosthetics makeup is to a special effects film – the knowledge of products and how they are going to perform under camera lights, natural daylight and their longevity is paramount.  Along with the knowledge of how to use them.  I was actually speaking to a leading hairstylist from London the other day who was saying that out of everything on the wedding day – the cake/flowers/car…even the wedding dress the most public item on display is the bride’s face and hair, of which she is going to be photographed a lot and is therefore the most important item to invest in.  And I think that is so true.


Photography by Lemontree Photography