How to know when the skin is clear of makeup…

A question I often get asked by clients is how to clean the skin of makeup.  Simple enough, right?  But when you have used the same products and makeup design for years, it can be easy to fall into bad habits like leaving makeup on overnight or using facial wipes to clean the skin – so residual makeup can be easily left in trace amounts.  A tail tale sign of makeup not being correctly taken off is around the eyes, left over eyeliner – often crusty can literally ‘sit’ into the lash line, especially on the bottom lashes.  This is a nightmare for any makeup artist to try and get rid off, as you have to work hard to gently break off the clumps of eyeliner in what is a very sensitive area.  I’ve often spent a good 20 minutes on clients trying to clear this away to begin with a clear base.

The best way to clear away makeup is to use micellar water and cottonwool, followed with a splash of cool water.  If you’re still not sure everything is cleared away, use a good facial cleanser and cottonwool to finish the job.  I often exfoliate once a month just to give the skin a boost by encouraging blood circulation, and getting rid of dead skin cells.

One way to ensure you’re not struggling with the removal of makeup is not to use too much in one area.  Avoid the temptation in thinking more is less, when less is perfectly fine.