How to be more diplomatic with teenagers and their makeup choices…

Being a teenager today has a level of stress that can feel quite alien to us ‘grown ups’, who remember the bliss of a relatively technology free adolescence.  Some teenagers can feel like they are being constantly judged by their social media peers and that can have an adverse effect on their relationship with themselves.  The obsession with appearance and with makeup products and application seems to have found a new height thanks to Youtube and Snapchat.  But how do we curb this attitude whilst promoting self love?  And how do we give them the space to experiment with their ‘look’, whilst making sure their appearance is school appropriate?

I’ve learnt a few things as a makeup artist, mother and tutor on how to be more diplomatic, patient and caring to these beautiful people.  So I’m going to share with now just a few little things that have helped me along the way x

1. Education is always the key in learning the right way to care for the skin.  Teenagers love facts and like to know what they’re doing for their skin now will make it look fab today and gorgeous when their older.  So indulge their curiosity – buy them a book on beauty, skincare or on a beauty blogger’s biography.  Often packed with useful tips for life such as ‘drink more water’ ‘don’t smoke or drink alcohol’ or ‘eat more fruit and veg’ this is the perfect time to introduce them to the concept of a healthy life means a healthy body and mind.

2. Meaningful compliments are always bashfully put down but nevertheless wanted, needed and appreciated.  Teenagers need to feel special especially at this time of life.  Being a teenager can feel like so many emotions all at once (those pesky hormones) so knowing that their family still love and care for them is important.  And so is regular compliments on how great their looking!

3. Treat them to a little makeup splurge on quality items that they will love and care for.  Teaching teenagers that quality more than quantity is always best is a life lesson they’ll appreciate when their older.  It will also get them into good habits knowing that they must invest in products that are specific to their needs and not just because their mates have it!