How long will my bridal makeup trial/on the wedding day makeup take?

A really common question I get asked is about timings – how long to expect the bridal makeup trial & wedding day makeup to take.  You will find when planning a wedding everything is down to timing, and makeup is no exception to this!  I often find myself keeping an eye on the time throughout the morning, carefully planning my schedule between each member of the bridal party (spending extra time with the bride) so that ‘preparation wedding’ runs as smoothly as possible.  So I thought I would put together a little breakdown of the makeup trial & wedding day, so that any bride can plan her morning x

Makeup Trial (normally just for the bride, but others are welcome) expect to spend 1hr 45mins – 2hrs, this is due to discussing styles and testing what suits your complexion, eye colour and features.  I am also constantly analysing the areas of your skin that need less attention and places that need more, or are oily/sensitive/dry etc.

Wedding Day The bridal makeup takes 1hr – 1hr 15mins and is normally done last, for the makeup to be the most fresh.  Bridesmaids and other bridal party members take 35 – 45mins x