How long does it normally take for bridal makeup?

My clients are often surprised at how long it takes to design their bridal makeup, maybe because we are so used to a quick 10 minute eyeliner & mascara routine!  I usually aim for between 1 hour & 10 – 15 minutes – depending on the scope of the design and if there are any contra indications such as if the bride has a cold, or existing/new blemishes.  So you should aim to allocate at least 1hr 15 minutes for your wedding look.

I would ask yourself that if you are after a quick 30 minute look, than maybe I am not the makeup artist for you.  The time and care I take in my designs means that I feel confident in showcasing something my client is wonderfully happy with that I am also happy to put my name to.  I do not rush a job just to get to the end x