How I work, my design process for bridal makeup

Quite often I arrive at a client’s house for a makeup trial and either the bride has no idea of what they would like, or they have a really extensive mood board with lots of overlapping ideas.  It’s then my job to gently coax out a more structured format to see into that mind set to design a bespoke look that the bride will be comfortable with, but most importantly, utterly over the moon with.

I then begin with what I like to consider drawing on canvas, working out colours and tuning into the different layers of the skin’s complexion.  The makeup trial is like my first draft almost, as once I’m basically happy with the main elements and after discussing with the client what she likes/doesn’t like from the makeup I then note these down and take it back to my office – where again I’ll be working on it with actual watercolours & canvas.  As I find this helps me get behind the makeup to understand it even more.  Making the wedding day my actual final look.

So after the makeup trial I never actually stop thinking/working for my client until the wedding day x