How I created that Gigi Hadid/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley inspired makeup for Sophie…

When Sophie asked me to help with her profile shoots she needed for her modelling agency – Bridge Models, she immediately showed me her modelling inspirations, Gigi and Rosie.  I’ve always loved their fast track, carefree makeup designs.  Which are always flawless, yet made breathable for the skin as they tend to change their look several times a day which can take it’s toll on the skin.  So taking these two gorgeous women as a guide, I then began to create Sophie’s headshot makeup design.

I felt it was appropriate to use Rosie for Autograph products considering this is Rosie’s brand.  I used shadows from the Deco Diamonds palette to create a light, yet slightly sultry eye – as with Sophie’s head shots they needed to clearly show all her features, and not hide anything behind layers of makeup.  I then lined the eyes and used very natural, fanned eyelashes – again not trying to hide her beauty.  Lightly lining the brows, and creating a flawless base were next.  Finishing with a combination of lipsticks from MAC – a special, secret blend I have created for Sophie x